Friday, 2 September 2016

Free To Air Channel and Satalites update of the day

(DHANAK TV) Start On Paksat 1R 4037 H 4800 FTA .
(MLQ MOVIES) Replace GOLOBAL NEWS Start On Paksat 1R 4037 H 4800 FTA      

CCTV 9 HD CCTV NEWS HD On ChinaSat 6B @115.5East C, band 3770 H 12360 (MPEG4/HD FTA)   

(EBC 1) Start On HotBird 13E @13°East Ku 10815 H 27500 Mpeg2/FTA   

(Kentron TV) Start On NSS 806 @47.5°West C, band 4084 L 2200 Mpeg4/FTA      

RTK 1 RTK 2 RTK 3 On Eutelsat 16A @16°East Ku 11303 H 30000 (MPEG4/FTA)   

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